March 2018 Reads

I Want My Epidural Back: Adventures in Mediocre Parenting by Karen Alpert

This was an Audible book. 

I thought it was funny. I don’t think it was meant to be anything more than that. It’s hard being a mom, and Karen Alpert has no problem admitting that sometimes she’s less than perfect. She loves her kids, but could care less if she’s a Pinterest mom. 

I enjoy books that talk about parenting in a non preachy way. I enjoy people who can admit they aren’t perfect as parents. None of us are. 

Walk It Off: The True and Hilarious Story of How I Learned to Stand, Walk, Pee, Run, and Have Sex Again After a Nightmarish Diagnosis Turned My Awesome Life Upside Down by Ruth Marshell

This was a true story about a Canadian actress written by the Canadian actress. After a surgery, she lost the feeling/use of her body from the waist down. 

The book shows her struggle in learning to walk again, and live her life. Basically, the really long title says it all.

I thought she handled the writing with humour, but was able to admit when things were tough for her. I can’t imagine having to go through it, and I think she’s entitled to have bad days. I’m glad she was honest about them. I don’t think I could have handled a book where she was nothing but happy and joking about what she’d been through.

It was definitely a good read.

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

I listened to this on Audible.

I had heard a lot about this book before I started it, and really wanted to read it. It didn’t disappoint.

I’m pretty sure this was a book meant for teenagers, but all ages can and should read it.

It’s written from the point of view of a black female who watched her friend shot in front of her by cops. This is something I obviously haven’t experienced, but it’s pretty relevant. 

I think something I really liked about it was all the other things that were going on in her life. It wasn’t simply about the shooting, but about everything in her life that somehow connected to it.

She went to a private school with mostly white students. I think one of my favourite things was seeing her struggle with her two different persona’s. One for her home life and one for her school life – with people who don’t understand her real life. 

The book is an eye opener, and unfortunately, to many, not an eye opener at all, but just a fact of life. 

I think I’d read it again for sure. There was probably a lot that I missed. I also enjoyed watching the main character fight and learn how to speak for herself.

Happy Reading.

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