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Before I start this post, I need to explain why it’s taken so long to write.  It’s a new website and blog so I was hoping to update it often. Unfortunately it hasn’t worked out like I planned.

First, I’ve been busy adjusting to a new and temporary living situation.

Second, I am grieving the loss of a friend. I will be writing about this on another day. When I’m ready. That’s what has been keeping me from writing posts. I’ve been spending most of my time writing to my friend in my journal. I have a lot of posts I’ve wanted to write, and I’ll start with my latest travels.

On June 22nd, I started the LONGEST DRIVE EVER to Ontario. My partner has been gone since the middle of January, and we’ve decided to spend the summer with him. We planned to drive up, and camp for the summer. More on the living situation later. The drive would take six days. My toddler, my dog, and my saint of a mother were my travelling companions. My mom offered to drive up with us, and then she flew back to Saskatchewan at the end of the journey. I don’t think I could have done it without her.

We planned 4-6 hours of driving every day. We looked for activities along the way that would keep the kid and dog occupied and help rid them of energy. I’m adding one photo per day. Which is hard for me because I take too many photos. Here was our trip:

Day One:

We drove from Saskatoon to Brandon. It’s about a 6 hour drive.

We stopped for a stretch after two hours of driving. The stop included me cleaning up the puke in the back of my car from my dog, and then finding a tick crawling on my son from his walk. Luckily it wasn’t attached to him yet.

We found a wonderful town before the border called Wolseley. It had a fantastic rest area for the dog and kid. We also found a swinging bridge. Anthony loved it. The dog did not love it.

We made it to Brandon Manitoba. Unfortunately, it’s hard to do a lot at night so we basically just went for walks, found food that we could bring to the hotel room, and got the kiddo to sleep.



Day Two:

We drove from Brandon to Kenora Ontario. This was our shortest travel day at around 4 hours. I had been excited to get to Kenora because I’d enjoyed it on previous visits. Unfortunately, it started pouring rain shortly after we arrived in our hotel room. We only had one real stop for lunch at a great little chip truck. It also had two pups, turtles, and a huge sand box. Anthony loved it. It’s called Walker’s Bait and Tackle (also has fishing supplies.) Once we got to Kenora we basically just tried to relax.


Day Three:

We drove from Kenora to Thunder Bay. This one was five and a half hours. We found a few great places to stop along the way.

IMG_20180624_101221I’m sharing two photos for this day because this one is important to me. I was missing a walk in Saskatoon called Global Sports Bra Squad Day. My body isn’t perfect, but in no way should I be ashamed to share this photo or to feel bad about myself. I’ve worked hard for my body. It’s helped me create a baby. It’s helped me live my life. It’s a strong body no matter how imperfect it is. I was sad to miss this walk at home because I would have been walking with a bunch of strong women who are sick of being told what sort of body they should have. So I’m going to be brave, and share it on my blog for all to see.

I also stop to see the waterfalls at Kakabeka Falls any time we drive by. I wanted to show my mom, and I want Anthony to love Falls as much as I do. He really loves the boardwalks more than the falls so far.


Day Four:

Thunder Bay to Wawa. It’s around five hours and 20 minutes. Wawa is one of my favourite stops on this trip. We are now driving along Lake Superior at times, and it’s so gorgeous. I love the drive.

We stopped at the Terry Fox Memorial in the morning as we headed out of Thunder Bay. If you are headed along that route, I think it’s a great stop. The memorial is wonderful, and the view is breathtaking. (It also overlooks the highway, but just look past that.)

We didn’t make a lot of stops on this day because on day four, you kind of just get sick of driving. You want to get to your destination. I drove past this area that seemed to be full off diggers and sleds and they all seemed miniature. Even though we JUST wanted to get to Wawa, I found a place to turn around, and we went back. It was worth it. My kiddo LOVED it. My mom and I did NOT love the little black flies that took chunks out of us. (Although, I don’t know if they got me. They got Anthony and Mom.)


For this day, I also have to add photos of our motel room. We loved it, and I will be staying there any time I drive through. The Northern Lights Motel is just before Wawa, and it’s just the most lovely place I’ve ever been. You can feel how much they care.


Day Five:

We drove from Wawa to Sudbury. It was a six-hour trip, and felt pretty long. We didn’t stop a lot. We were one day away from getting to our destination. We were almost done.

We stopped in Wawa in the morning to see the big goose.

This is the day my son thought it would be fun to stick his fist down his throat. He did it many times, and finally puked. He had just eaten a banana. My mom was driving at the time so she pulled over, and I cleaned up the puke. For those of you that don’t know, I DO NOT like bananas. I really don’t like them when they’ve come back out, but I don’t like them at any time.

We also stopped at Old Women’s Bay. It’s so beautiful there. Nice for the dog and kid to stretch their legs. (And the Momma and Grandma.) If I haven’t said it before, my mom is amazing, and I want to be her when I grow up.


Day Six:


We drove from Sudbury to our last destination. We’re camping outside Napanee.

This photo has nothing to do with the journey. I just have a love of train bridges over water, and finally had a chance to take some quick shots while the others were in the car waiting for me.


We made one stop at a rest stop so we could get out of the vehicle. We got lunch on the go. We just drove and drove.

We did stop one other time in the rain so my mom could take this photo of me. I’d also like to mention that this outfit was now two days old. The last day, I couldn’t find any energy to actually change into something new.


And then we made it. After cleaning up the biggest poop-splosion my son has ever had, we reunited our family. It was wonderful.


The rest of my summer will be spent in the trailer we’re posing in front of. I’ll be writing about that later. It was an adjustment. It still is an adjustment and we are almost a month in.

Two more photos from the next day. We had to say goodbye to my mom. I was really sad. I cried. The whole way back to the trailer. My mom is the best, and she was so much help, and fantastic company. She did this entire journey, and then had to head home. I’m super lucky I have her. Anthony is super lucky to have her as one of his grandmas.


And that was my experience travelling with a toddler and dog. The dog actually did great other than the first day of puke. He got in and out of the car with no complaints, and he usually listened to instruction. Anthony didn’t love being in the car, but he’s definitely learned how to play by himself. Or keep saying Mama until I turn around and play with him (when I’m not driving.) We also fed him A LOT. Snacks snacks snacks. And he napped a bit more than usual.

All in all though, these guys are all great travel companions. Six days of driving is a lot, and they were all champs.

Next I’ll go from Travelling Momma to Camping Momma. Haha. With a little bit of Writing Momma mixed in.

Happy Sunday all.

©ErinLeahMcCrea All photos I share on my blogs are my own, please Ask Me For Permission Before Using Them.

12 thoughts on “Travelling Writing Momma

  1. Nancy McCrea

    It was a wonderful trip and I enjoyed almost every moment of it. Can’t wait til you get back to Sask. I need a big Anthony hug.


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