My Last Days in Ontario

I wanted to finish writing about my travels before I moved onto the reason I came home, and my life back in Saskatoon. I want to keep remembering my summer adventures.

I wrote a little bit about my drive to Ontario (Travelling Writing Momma) the start of the summer (Adapting), and the Child friendly wineries (Wineries, Breweries, and Toddlers.) Now I want to speak about the rest of my summer in Ontario because Anthony and I saw so much more.  I’ll also be talking about my trip home in a different post. It’s too much for one post.

So for now I’ll just talk about the rest of my Ontario travels. Once I found out the date I was leaving, I wanted to do everything I could in the short amount of time I was there.

Some of my favourite moments on the trip were hanging around the campsite when Clint was awake so the four of us (this includes the dog) could hang out together. It was the reason I was there. These two photos are exactly a year apart. It was A LOT harder getting Anthony to stay still this time.


Here are some more of what we did while hanging out at the campsite. I am very lucky to have camped with Anthony at an age that he loved helping me with the laundry.



The photos above are from a beautiful place called Finkle’s Shore Park. It was right outside Bath Ontario. This is where we went when we didn’t need a lot of adventure, but wanted to throw rocks into Lake Ontario, and run around with not many people around. It was also pretty close to the campsite. It was one of our favourite places. We went for the peace and quiet with a view.

We did A LOT in one day during a Prince Edward County Visit. The photos below aren’t even all we did. Some of them are in the Wineries post. We checked out The Shed which is an Alpaca farm and shop. I fell in love with the Alpacas. We also went to a Lavender Farm. It was really great. It smelled awesome, and was a fantastic space for Anthony to walk around. We went to Slickers. I had a toasted marshmallow ice cream cone, and it was basically the best thing ever. Slickers is highly recommended by everyone (I assume) in Prince Edward County.



The photos above (in circles) were another low-key day. We checked out the morning fog at the campsite, and then went into Napanee for a walk. Actually, we walked with a woman and her baby, and it was wonderful to have another Mom to chat with. I was sad we met her so late in the trip. I MISSED having Mom friends on this trip. We also stumbled upon a Farmer’s Market, and Anthony got to hang out with some firemen and go in a bouncy castle!

The next day we made it to the Farmer’s Market in Bath. We found a few things to buy, and then went to hang out at Lake Ontario.  Later we went for boat ride with Clint. Anthony loved it!


The three of us made it to the Napanee Fair! It was so much fun watching Anthony go on rides by himself, and going with him on the rides. I think his favourite part was the car derby. (Cars hitting one another – what’s that called?) It was a great day spent together.

We spent one last day in Prince Edward County. We had our last ferry ride to our favourite place. We went to the Mariners Park Museum and became pirates for the morning. Next, we went to a place called Little Bluff Conservation Area. It was stunning. I fell in love. I’m so glad we found it. The beach was full of stones, and the view was incredible. It was the perfect last beach to visit. Before we went back on the ferry we stopped for huge ice creams. That’s what we do. The last photo is of Anthony puddle jumping at the campground. He LOVED puddle jumping.

We spent the last day of camping going to places we had already seen. I wanted to remember our favourite places. I also spent it packing A LOT of stuff. Anthony and I were heading home, and Clint had to stay for his job.

There were many moments that made our summer very sad, but I’m so grateful for the time my family got to spend together. We missed being a full family, and it was so great. Clint, Anthony, Drogo (the dog), and I got to have daily walks, and that was the best part. We did as much as we could in the short amount of time, and we saw so much. I jumped way out of my comfort zone, and found my adventure spirit from the past. Being a Mom and having adventures is not hard to do at all.

I’ll do another post about the trip home, and then that’ll be it for my summer. I have so many posts on the go, but I’m just going to do them one at a time. I’ll be caught up eventually.


©ErinLeahMcCrea All photos I share on my blogs are my own, please Ask Me For Permission Before Using Them.

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