2019 Goals

I don’t do resolutions, but I do make myself goals. They’re done yearly, monthly, weekly, and sometimes daily. I’m not doing this to try to change myself, but trying to be better is never a bad thing. Also, when I look at myself in the past, I have changed. People should be constantly changing. These goals will help me follow my dreams and they will keep me motivated. I have them all written out so I’m basically just writing them out a third time. I have a new day planner that spends a lot of time on goals and dreams. I’m hoping to use it a lot. It’s half way through January already, but I have my whole life to work on them, while adding new ones as I go.

But First: 2018 Goals

Here are the goals I had planned out for last year. This was shared on my blogger account before I started my new website. I will write next to them in italics how I did.

2018 Goals

As I’ve said before, I’ve never been a big fan of resolutions. However, I’ve been making goals for the past few years, and I’ve been doing really well. Some of these are just for January (we’ll see how it goes), and others are for the year.

The Year

  • Write everyday. I’ve already discussed this. I don’t need to say more. (Except for the one day break I’ll take after a full year.) I did write every day. I didn’t really stop at all until the start of this year.
  • Make a solid attempt at getting published. It’s so time. I didn’t make a solid attempt.
  • Be the best mom I can be. This goal will never change. I’m always improving and learning.
  • Swear just a tad less. Not a lot. But a tad. My kid’s going to start repeating after Momma soon. I MIGHT be getting better. Or not.
  • Patience. When I get angry, I need to remember how awesome my life is. Sometimes, I yell. Sometimes, I lose my patience. It’s not fair to anybody. Still working on this one as well.
  • Don’t be guilty when I lose my patience. Because sometimes I will. Don’t get sucked in by the Mom guilt. My kid is loved a ridiculous amount. Still working on this one.
  • Make sure my child has a lot of play dates. No daycare means he has to learn how to be social and an all around sharing baby. He has lots of toddler friends, and is getting much better.
  • Teach Anthony that being nice is one of the most important things. He’s getting better. He knows the difference between nice and not nice.
  • Volunteer. I was a mentor for in-school mentoring.
  • Read. Read. Read. Read. Read. This year’s goal is 40 books, but it doesn’t matter if I read 40, as long as I’m reading. I’m not a writer if I’m not reading. I read 33. That’s better than the year before.
  • Continue my book blog, and post about what I’m reading. I’m a year behind.I haven’t decided yet if I’ll just start where I am, or try to catch up. Actually, I’m doing well now that I’ve moved over to Wordpress.
  • Craft. I actually really enjoyed my month of crafting. I want to continue being creative. I craft on and off.
  • I want to see if I can sell my photos on wood. I want to make lovely things for people, and maybe make a tiny amount of money doing it. I don’t think I’ll sell them, but I will make them for gifts. 
Here I am in January of 2018. I was trying out quieting my mind. It wasn’t working.

2019 GOALS

And here we are. 2019. My new goals are below.

2019 me. The facial expressions haven’t changed. (Or the confused hair.)
  1. Less time on my phone during the day.
    1. Including Social Media, games, and texting. But I will continue taking too many photos.
  2. Exercise Regularly (I’m not worried about losing weight as much as staying strong.)
    1. Fitbump, Elliptical, and more.
  3. Make Weekly Meal Plans (SO FAR SO GOOD. I’VE NEVER DONE THIS.)
  4. Write, write, write. Make it a priority.
    1. Write everyday
    2. Journal, blog, short stories, online magazines, novel
    3. Submit my novel
    4. Submit short stories after writing and editing them
    5. Finish what I’ve started
  5. Self care
    1. Take time for myself
  6. Be the best Mom I can be
    1. Work on patience and yelling
    2. More activities
    3. Less screen time (He doesn’t have a lot now, but I’d like less.)
  7. Volunteer
    1. In School Mentoring
    2. Find places to volunteer with the tot
  8. Time with friends and family. (Important for my mental health.)
  9. Clean and Organize. (Slowly but surely.)
  10. Keep up the gratitude.

There are probably more things I have already added or that I should add, but there it is. As you can see some of the goals are the same as last year. Basically, I want to be a better person. I want to pursue my dreams without giving up, and I want to continue with the gratitude and teach my son about being happy.

Day Planner Goals
Writing materials. (And my first finished book of 2019. The “You’ve Got This” is my day planner.)

That’s it folks. Those were my goals from 2018. My goals from this year, and a few photos to show you how I’m doing so far. I’m always a work in progress. I’m okay with that. I am going to publish this, and then shut down my computer. Family time this weekend. No computers allowed.

Have a great weekend.

©ErinLeahMcCrea All photos I share on my blogs are my own, please Ask Me For Permission Before Using Them.

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