A Month Of Writing

Day One

Here I go! Day one of 28 days of writing in a row. Today’s post will basically just be a ‘table of contents’ of what I plan to write this month.

There is no particular theme to my post ideas, but because February is a month where love is the focus, I choose to relate all of my post back to self-love. Because if there is no self-love, what’s the point?

I was planning to do a bit of an introduction about myself, but this website is so new. It’s pretty easy to find out about about me. You’ll also have an entire month of (hopefully) new material to learn from.

I have been taking advice, and making lists, and I think I’ve got the month figured out. I just have to make sure I get them written and posted on the correct days. I’ll probably be working ahead as much as I can.

It’s ALL planned out

My 28 Days:

  • Day One: Introduction to 28 days of writing. This is now. Easy one to start. Also something to hold me accountable.
  • Day two: I will be working on something I started earlier about Christmas Crafts.
  • Day Three: This is another one that I started and haven’t finished. Stories about my friend.
  • Day Four: How To Live with a Toddler.
  • Day Five: Self Love – Self Care. I can’t be a part time Momma Blogger without a post on Self Care.
  • Day Six: Self-Care and Exercise. A continuation of day five.
  • Day Seven: Things that Make Me Happy
  • Day Eight: Friday Craft and Activity Post. Every Friday I’ll discuss crafts and activities we’ve done throughout the week. Or I’ll share what we have done in the past.
Fridays will include things like this: snow volcanoes.
  • Day Nine: Travelling with a tot
  • Day Ten: A Year in South Korea
  • Day Eleven: Thailand and Taiwan Travels 
  • Day Twelve: All Inclusive before Children
  • Day Thirteen: Mentoring
  • Day Fourteen: A LOOOOVVVVE POST
All about the love.
  • Day Fifteen: This Week’s Crafts and Activities 
  • Day Sixteen: Breastfeeding
  • Day Seventeen: Daily Gratitude with my Toddler
  • Day Eighteen: My Ten Favourite Movies 
  • Day Nineteen: My Ten Favourite Books
  • Day Twenty: My Book
  • Day Twenty-One: My Hometown
My Hometown
  • Day Twenty-two: This Week’s Crafts and Activities 
  • Day Twenty-three: Meal Planning
  • Day Twenty-four: Katimavik
  • Day Twenty-five: Screen-time
  • Day Twenty-six: Things I love about Saskatchewan 
  • Day Twenty-seven: Write a letter to future me
  • Day Twenty-eight: Write a letter to Teenage Me

That’s my month! I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Happy February.

©ErinLeahMcCrea All photos I share on my blogs are my own, please Ask Me For Permission Before Using Them.

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