Self Care

Day Five

Self Care is a big and important topic. It goes well with Self Love. Some days, you have to remember you. Love you. Care for you.

As a Momma, I forget about self care, but I also took almost everything I did for myself for granted before I was a mom. There are things you don’t think twice about until after you have a kid. Like pooping alone.

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It seems like self care should be easy, but somehow with a kiddo under my feet, I forget about myself. Especially, if my partner is away working.

When you don’t have a lot of time, sometimes self care is the little things. The things you didn’t know were self care before you lost it. Here are some of the most easy self care options I give myself:

  • I take a shower. If I’m really lucky, I take a soak in the tub. Some days, my shower also includes a toddler washing his diggers below me while I attempt to shave my legs.
  • A glass of wine. This is easy to do once my kiddo is asleep. It’s drinking it before he wakes up again that sometimes is the problem.
  • Writing. This is and always will be the biggest self care I can do for myself. Journal writing. Blog writing. Novel writing. Letter writing. It’s all important. It’s all I need to do to take care of myself. I try to wait until my son is asleep, but sometimes I get a few thoughts down while he plays.
  • Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.
  • Some days, I nap if my kid naps. Not often now that he’s older, but sleep is the best self care there is.
  • Most important: when I’m sick, I need to go to the doctor. Take care of myself mentally and physically. This gets ignored a lot! Finding time to go to the doctor with a toddler isn’t always easy. For me, it’s especially hard in the winter because getting out of the house is a struggle.
Self-care is coffee. From a coffee shop or made at home.

Some days you get lucky. You have more time for self-care. You have more help, and you can get out of the house. The above list were things that I can do with my toddler, but the next ones are things that I like to do without a toddler. Time to remember who I am without my son. (It also helps when you can afford it. Sometimes, you have to do self-care on a budget.) Here are some things that I do when I have more time and help: (take advantage of it when you get the chance.)

  • Get a pedicure (money dependent)
  • Go to a bookstore
  • Buy clothes (Money dependent)
  • Leave the house to write. This could be sitting in a bookstore, or sitting in a library. As long as it’s leaving the house, and having some me time without my toddler. This one doesn’t cost a lot of money, and is probably one of the most important for me.
  • Going for lunch by myself. I’ll be honest, this is one of my favourites. I don’t get a lot of time to myself. I sometimes don’t get any time to myself. There is nothing better to me than sitting alone to eat and have a drink with a book or a journal.
  • It’s also important to see friends. I don’t do this one enough. I see them with my son, but when I have time off, I need the solitude. I forget about how much I love being social, and only remember how much I love having a moment to myself. I’m an introvert.
  • This only happens once a year, but it is a self care act that I plan to continue doing every year. Take a weekend to myself. I started this on my birthday two years ago. I stayed in a hotel room by myself for the night. Last year, I took it one step further. I left the city, and stayed by myself for an entire weekend. (That post is already on here about my glamping experience.) My partner has always worked away when I do this, but he’d be invited if he was around.
Pedicures are great self care. I get them about twice a year.

Self care can be little things or big things, but it is one of the most important things you can do. If I forget about myself, parenting gets really hard. I get exhausted, sometimes defeated, and I stop caring as much. You need to take care of yourself. It will keep you healthy mentally and physically. Parents often forget about themselves, but it’s important to take care of yourself so you can also take care of your kid. Sometimes, all you need is five minutes to yourself to catch your breath. It’s all important.

Happy Tuesday. What are you doing for self care today?

©ErinLeahMcCrea All photos I share on my blogs are my own, please Ask Me For Permission Before Using Them.

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