Throwing Fruit

Travelling with a tot is always going to be an adventure. I’ve already spoken about our trip to Ontario with my son. However, while discussing blog post ideas with my mom she said I should talk about the best kind of fruit to throw at your son while driving.

This is now a running joke. I did write a post about our drive to Ontario.

Throwing fruit wasn’t mentioned, but it was such an absurd conversation that I asked my mom to email me the words “Throwing Fruit at Anthony” so I could remember the conversation. Apparently, months later, we both remember it fondly without the email.

I think this was around the third day of the trip. It was also the day my son decided to stick his fist down his throat, and make himself puke. (This part IS in the post about the drive.)

We were probably sick of driving. All of us. 8 hour days of driving are not good for anybody. We had the car packed full of food we could give him, and lots of activities. With two of us, we could also easily reach the things he dropped on the floor and give them back to him after he dropped things. It wasn’t so easy on the way back, but I had a box FULL of snacks and food for the journey home next to me, and books and toys reaching distance to him.

We stopped as much as we could on the drives, but we also needed to keep driving. So we had to listen to a lot in the back seat, and the poor kid had to be stuck in a car seat for the drive. I will say this though, I think my kiddo is VERY good a travelling now, and enjoys car rides more because of our trip.

The conversation about throwing fruit at my son came after it felt like an hour of him making a siren sound in the backseat. If you’ve never heard my son’s fire engine noise, you ARE missing out. Unfortunately, it also gets old quick. Now that I’ve written this, I’ve texted my mom to confirm this was the noise coming from the back seat. It may have been happy screams. Happy screams that felt like they were going on for an hour. My mom can’t remember what he was saying either. She said he was happy, but the happy noise was not making us happy.

As I said, it FELT like an hour. I don’t know how long it was, but I’d like to say that at one point when it felt like forever, I looked over at my mom and said, “I wish we had some fruit to throw at him. You know, not something hard, like an apple, but maybe a strawberry.”

I thought we could throw something that wouldn’t hurt him, but would maybe stop him from making his noises, and then he could eat it after! Win win for all. So we are clear though… it was a joke.

The great thing about this comment was my mom and I then went on to have an amazing conversation about which fruit was the best to throw at him. We had an entire discussion about it. I can’t remember what we settled on, and of course, we never ended up throwing anything (because that would probably be both a bad mom and distracted driving.) I think blueberries were out because we’d lose them. Grapes had to be cut up in case he ate them so they were out. It’s really hard to decide what imaginary fruit you should toss at your kiddo. We survived his loud screechy noises, and he either went to sleep, laughed, or cried after that.

It was a very long trip, but it was also wonderful. Yes, both my dog and kid puked in the car at different times, and my child got impatient for good reason. He was also such an amazing traveller. He loved seeing new things, and I think he now loves waterfalls as much as his momma.

Because of the trip to Ontario, and the trip back (as well as all the day trips we took while there), my son is excited to drive in the car now. He loves going for road trips. He sleeps, he plays, he sings, and he eats while in the car. I have yet to throw fruit at him, but I have a feeling if I did he would expect me to throw fruit every day. He’d love it, and would probably throw it himself.

Still down for road trips.

That’s my post for today. I can’t wait to travel more with this kiddo. We all appreciate seeing things through his eyes.

©ErinLeahMcCrea All photos I share on my blogs are my own, please Ask Me For Permission Before Using Them.

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