Favourite Television shows

This wasn’t on, my original list of posts, but I thought I’d throw it in the mix. I still have a lot of posts to do, but can always move ideas over to next month. In March, I plan to write once a week on a designated day. I can’t write every day again if I want to get anything else done.

I love television shows, but my list won’t have many new ones. I turn on shows for background noise so I usually just watch shows over and over. I’m not sure how many there will be in total, but I’ll talk about each one and why I love it. I don’t have photos of all.

1. Schitt’s Creek

This show is available on CBC and on Netflex. I don’t have cable so I basically watch my shows on Netflix. Although, I’ll be honest, I don’t know if we’ll keep it after they get rid of all the shows they’ve mentioned losing by the end of 2019.

I saw this card at a gift store in Ontario. Loved it.

Schitt’s Creek is by far one of my favourite current shows. It’s ridiculous and wonderful. It’s about a rich family who loses everything, and have to move to a town they bought as a joke called Schitt’s Creek. It’s the only thing they have left. It continues to get better as it goes on. It started off as a hilarious show, and it has continued to make me laugh, but now the characters have all grown as people, and I love them all. They’ve brought me to tears at times. Also, if you are looking for a show where just a simple facial expression will make you laugh or cry, this is the show.

2. Grace and Frankie

This is another Netflix show. I’m so glad I started watching it. This one is about two female characters in their 70s that find out their husbands are divorcing them to be together. Their husbands were partners in a law firm together, as well as in love with one another for many years. The show follows the women, but we see both their families, and ex husbands in all the episodes. Grace and Frankie are complete opposites, and didn’t enjoy one another’s company in the past, but of course, they both end up as roommates in a beach house the families bought together. They slowly become friends and fond of all the quirks.

It’s a hilarious show, but I don’t always love the characters. I guess that’s true to life though. People aren’t perfect. Although Ethan Embry is in it (Empire Records), and just that fact makes me happy.

3. Gilmore Girls

I LOVE Gilmore Girls. I’ve watched it over and over and over. I even love the last season most people didn’t love. I love both mother, daughter, and grandmother. I love their best friends, and I love that they were consistently friends even through life’s changes.

I love the bond between family, I love the crazy fights, and I love watching the Gilmore’s getting along.

I love Rory’s boyfriends, as well as the break-ups because let’s be honest: not everybody is lucky enough to stay with their high school boyfriend. It’s highly unlikely that Rory would. I also think breaking up is realistic for most people. I have a favourite, but I was okay when they broke up as well. (Team Logan, sorry to all the Jess fans.) That being said, I loved watching Jess grow up.

The revival won’t be on this list. I liked some parts of it, but I was also disappointed with others. I think they did a disservice to many characters. Except Kirk. He MADE the revival.

4. Friends

Of course this is on my list. The show started when I was 14, and ended when I was 24. I watched it once in a while on television, but didn’t start watching the seasons until my later 20s when I bought the DVDs. It’s comfortable. It’s funny. One or two scenes bring a tear to my eyes. Phoebe was and always will be my favourite.

5. The Mindy Project

Mindy. Do I need to say more? Loved it all. I wish it could have continued forever. (Also, side note, read Mindy Kaling’s books.) This show cracks me up every time I watch it.

6. New Girl

It seems that shows about roommates in their 30s make me the happiest. There is something about watching people figure their lives out while they are close to my age. Not everyone has their life (work or relationships) figured out in their 20s. (Side Note for this: SO MAD AT NETFLIX FOR GETTING RID OF THIS.) This show is hilarious, and every character will eventually make them love you. For me, I will love nobody as much as I love Winston (and his cat.) Also, while watching, you can see a crossover episode with:

7. Brooklyn Nine Nine

Andy Samberg is hilarious. Everybody else that works at the police station brings a smile to my face. I enjoy shows that remember things. For instance the Halloween episode every year draws from the last one.

Apparently, I love books that make me cry, but half hours shows that make me laugh.

8. How I Met Your Mother

Once again, roommates in their 30s that spend their lives together. Ted is on the search for the perfect woman to marry, Barney is the opposite, Marvin and Lily are the best couple in my eyes (I love Jason Segel), and Robin balances them all out. As I watch these shows, it does seem unrealistic that these people see each other EVERY DAY, but they love one another. Friendships make me happy. Friends that know one another so well that they almost know everything about one another are a nice idea.

9. Parenthood

Here’s the one that made me cry almost every episode. The Braverman’s were a family that yelled a lot, laughed a lot, and danced a lot. I loved all the characters, and learned to love some that weren’t appealing to me at the start. I think any show with Dax Shepard makes me happy. Plus, Lauren Graham (from Gilmore Girls) is always a favourite in whatever role she is in. And Mae Whitman is a wonderful actor (who has been acting FOREVER), if her character Amber cried, I cried with her.

10. One Tree Hill

It’s a show about a group of high school students that have more drama than anybody in the world. They graduate high school, promise to be friends forever, and then the show skips forward four years. Four years later the drama is WAY more drama than anybody should have. I love it anyway. When Brooke cries, I cry.

11. Sex and the City

If it’s in my favourite movie section, it has to be in my favourite show section. Everybody knows Sex and the City. Not everybody loves it. I love the friendships. I love that those woman have one another’s back no matter what.

12. The Office

It took me longer to love this one. I didn’t watch it until years later. But those characters worm their way into your heart. It’s also a great show to just randomly turn on and watch any episode. Plus: Pam and Jim? Love them.

Also, for a while, I was afraid to watch movies with Steve Carell because I was worried he was going to be typecast. I was wrong. Love him!

I think that’s it. There were a couple shows that I thought I’d watch through the seasons. This is Us I loved the first season, and then after watching the first episode of the second season, I realised I didn’t need to cry weekly at a show. Life is hard, I don’t need a reminder. (I have Grey’s Anatomy for that, and I do watch that one.) I also couldn’t stop raving about 13 Reasons Why during the first season. It didn’t take me long into the second season that I realised I couldn’t do it. I was no longer in a place where I could watch a show with so much sadness. So I’ll stick to my mostly happy shows. I need a break from the drama.

That’s it. I’ll be back tomorrow.

What are your favourite shows?

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