Parenting gratitude

I’m having a good time with my son lately. I still get frustrated. I’m still exhausted a lot. I’m working on that, but he’s been so fun lately. I really like this age. I love listening to his sentences, and the new words he’s trying. I love watching him try new things. I loves seeing him think things through.

In the middle of January, I decided my son and I would discuss what would make us happy to do throughout the day. Every morning, we made a list of five things we looked forward to. After supper, we discuss what made us happy in our day.

We did this for the rest of January, but slowed down about two weeks ago when I sprained my ankle, and forgot for a moment that I was teaching my son gratitude. I forgot for a moment to be grateful.

We had been writing some morning motivation at the top of the paper, and on our pad on the fridge. Although, the last one we wrote before we took a break has been up there since we took our break. I don’t think I’m going to change it because right now, it’s the most important thing for me to read everyday. I’ll get back to changing it daily. It was fun finding some motivation that fit our moods.

It’s fun doing this with my kiddo. I like talking to him about what he wishes for the day. It’s usually ‘play’. That’s his main concern, and it should be his main concern. If we’ve already spoken about things, he might remember. He knew today we would “See Aunt Jo Jo.” Some days he’s excited about food, and other days he is excited to “hug mommy”. I also help him with ideas when the only thing he thinks of is to play.

The night time one is more fun. He still needs some prompting, and reminders of what we’ve done, but he is remembering so much more lately. I like letting him decide what his favourite part of the day was.

Just to clarify, the last one of the day is in fact, Big Turd Monster in the potty. He calls his bigger poops monster poops (but for monster he roars, so he calls them ROAR poop), and all of the sudden today he described it as a big turd monster. These were his words tonight. Also, on that note, I think we’ve got a lot of this potty training figured out. He wears a pull up when we leave the house, and when he goes to bed. He’s in underwear all the rest of the time, and hasn’t had any accidents. This is a huge win for me, and an even bigger win for him.

These are some of the ones we did before the break. Now I just have to decide what to do with them.

My son’s terrible twos started before he turned two. He’s been great lately. He still has his moments. He still has to learn about hitting or kicking when he’s angry. (To be clear, when the kicking starts, he’s usually just kicking air while saying the word kick. We’re still trying to teach him it’s not nice either way.) We don’t have a lot of the full out temper tantrums. Maybe that’s still to come. I hope not.

He’s just so full of curiosity. He’s so full of questions. He’s so full of never ending energy. He’s so full of new information. I’ve really been enjoying watching him. He’s constantly talking, and constantly telling stories. Some days we have to ask him to repeat himself about ten times before we figure it out, but usually we do. He also remember SO MUCH lately. I think his first memory may be of me spraining my ankle. He just told us the story in detail about what happened that day, and it was two weeks ago. I’m sad that his memory is of me not having a strong mom moment.

There have been a few moments in the past year where I’ve decided I might want another baby. After Anthony turned two, I realised I didn’t have a baby anymore, and I missed it. I’ve always said I only wanted one, and I one hundred percent believed it. Then my baby turned into a toddler, and I missed the baby. I also had an idea in my head that it would be fun to have a baby when I knew more about how to raise a baby. I know all kid’s are different, but at least this time I knew a few more things.

However, these past weeks, I’ve decided I just want to be happy with my boy. Another would be lovely, but it’s not something we’re planning. I just want to enjoy watching my toddler discover the world. He cracks me up every day. I look at him in awe everyday. He teaches me new things all the time.

Today’s gratitude in photo form.

Also… SO grateful for this guy.

That’s my post for today. I just want to share that life is good. Sometimes I get caught up in the sadness of the world, and the sadness around me, and the sadness in my own life. I get caught up in my worries and fears in life. I forget to stop and remember that I am incredibly lucky to have the people I do in my life. Grateful. Grateful always.

What are you grateful for?

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