My Week

I’m a day late writing this, but I kind of like the idea of sharing it on Saturday anyway. That way I can get the entire week in. The weather was a bit nicer this week so we were able to actually get outside, and were quite a bit happier. Really happy. I don’t think I can describe how happy I am to finally have some nice weather.

Last Saturday

Our Saturday was filled with snow, noise and excitement. We spent the morning inside away from the huge snowfall, but made our way to see the Monster Trucks in the afternoon. Anthony LOVED them right up until the point he fell asleep. He still talks about them though.


On Sunday, we went to a bookstore. Bookstores are our happy place. All of us love them. We were on the hunt for a game to play with Anthony. (Anthony and I also got some books.) We had crazy hair, ate popcorn, and then played our new fishing game. And Anthony climbed into a dryer for fun, and got mad when I wouldn’t let him shut the door.


This was a holiday, so we got to hang out with Auntie Jo Jo because she had a day off work. We were going to visit some libraries, but ended up stopping for donuts when the libraries were closed for the holiday. We also played outside, and it was wonderful!


We didn’t do a lot on Tuesday. I ran some errands without the cutie, and it was pretty nice. We didn’t do any real activities though. Just played all day.


This was an interesting day. We made a car ramp/slide/bridge for Anthony out of an old CD rack. He loves it. Anthony and I were going to visit libraries in the afternoon, but he chose to stay home with his daddy. So I happily went off on my own to visit libraries, look at books, and do some writing away from home. Wednesday night is Fitbump, and we had drinks after. I don’t have very many nights out. It’s lovely to visit with my mom friends. I had a lot of time away from my lovely son, and while I love hanging out with him, it was needed.


I watched some tots at Fitbump, and Anthony got to play with his friends. We also played outside for most of the afternoon. We picked up about two months of dog poop, under three different layers of snow. Best to get it before the snow melts. Anthony had so much fun in the sun.


Friday was pretty similar to Thursday. Fitbump fun, including a class where my tot ran around like crazy. It was a childcare free class, and I thought I’d try it out. Kid’s welcome, and mine was nutso. It stressed me out, but I’m not always the calmest momma when it comes to my kid being a terror. I was concerned he’d hurt another kid by accident. We came home and played in the snow again. He also got a haircut. He’s pretty great at getting haircuts. AND we went out for supper with Grandma and Grandpa, and Auntie JoJo. He was pretty happy. I’d also like to note that my kiddo has gone from peeing and pooping in the potty at home to asking to pee when we’re out of the house. It’s taking some practice holding him on a big toilet, but we’re happy with the progress. He also asked to go in while he was outside playing. It’s the fastest I’ve ever moved to get him inside the house in time. We did it.

How was your week?

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