Today’s Task

On my list of challenges for myself this month, I have one on decluttering and another on making being happy. (It’s easy. You just BE HAPPY.) I did two of those in one. Obviously, none of these ideas I’m using have specifically said the one I’m about to share, but it felt really good to do it.

Organize my Craft Corner

I didn’t remember how much I love crafting until after my son was born. I guess I had more time to be creative with him and for him. I also have a bag of crafts that I take when I mentor. I’ve been collecting things and expanding my crafts for about three years. Which means my corner keeps getting messier and unorganized.

This is the area. It was overrun with stuff. As my partner said, my craft corner was becoming a crap corner. Also, ignore the dirty floor. We have a kid. And a dog.

This is the finished product. I finally have it all organized. Now I need a good craft to make. Notice my favourite up top. The Mod Podge.

This may not seem like much for my day, but it also included a lot of procrastination. By the time I actually finished, it felt pretty good. It’s nice to have a corner just for myself. It’s also a corner I can share with my son.

Short post today, but that’s the point of this month. I’m still blogging, but making time for other things. Like crafting.

Stay tuned for some amazing crafts with feathers and eyeballs.

©ErinLeahMcCrea All photos I share on my blogs are my own, please Ask Me For Permission Before Using Them.

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