Doom and Gloom Day 2

About that title: I’m trying very hard not to make my posts doomy and gloomy, but some days will be harder than others. I’m going to keep our Social Distancing Day 2 post shorter today because I just am not feeling it, but I want to write about it all the same. I think it’s important.

Anthony was up a bit earlier than my brain could handle today, so he watched some cartoons while I kept my eyes shut. I also made time for a shower. I won’t do this everyday, and some days I’ll have him trying to shower with me, but today I was able to, and I think it helped a lot. We also both got dressed. I’ll be honest, there will be some days when we choose to stay in our PJS, but that’s okay. We can’t do it all the time though or we will go crazy. We need some normal. I’m not one who will be able to keep every day the same. I’ve seen people with schedules for their days at home. I can’t do it. Our life isn’t a schedule.

We took it easy this morning, and then the little girl I watch came over to hang out for the afternoon. Parents have to work, and if I can help, I will. We are socially distancing ourselves, but if we can help, we will. These two get along pretty well lately. Except for today. At one point she looked over at me and said, “Anthony is being really good today.” And then it all went to crap. He stopped listening. And they both tried to out-boss each other. We survived though, and there was more laughter than anger/tears.

I tried to get the kids outside, but neither of them would go. I may make it less of a choice tomorrow. Anthony did go out when she left. He played in the backyard with Drogo while I made supper. (I can see the backyard and everything from my kitchen.) It worked out well.

And that was our day. It was good with a little bit of toddler frustration. I’m working on more time outs and more taking toys away if he isn’t listening. I don’t follow through enough, and I need to start to help with this isolation.

We survived Day two. We will continue to survive and learn. I’m not worried about that, but I am worried about not knowing. We don’t know what will happen. I don’t know how long the doom and gloom will continue. It’s up to me not to make it doom and gloom, but it’s also up to me to look at life with a real set of eyes. We can smile, and we can have fun, but it’s so hard to not know when this will end. It’s freaking madness, and it’s scary, and I really want to know things that I can never know.

It’s hard. It’s important to admit that.

Happy Isolating.

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