Home home again: Day 11

Day 11 and I’m still not feeling well. My throat is still hurting. My head wasn’t hurting today though. I am hoping it goes away soon. I am hoping, with all of my heart, that this is all it is. It’s not worse than it was yesterday, and it may be both stress and PMS related.

Either way, I’m pretty tired right now. I got onto the elliptical tonight in my PJs and socks for only 15 minutes. I usually do 30 minutes, but I was on day 20, and knew I needed to keep going, if only for a few minutes.

We didn’t get up to much this morning. Anthony came and watched some show in my bed so I could close my eyes for a little longer. We went from a great day with no screen time (except while I was making supper) yesterday to a morning of it today. We did make another craft from Learn and Play this morning. We made a cool rocket ship. We went outside in the afternoon and it was glorious.

This morning, my partner and I video chatted and he told me they were going back to work on April 6th. At this point it was nice to just have an answer. By the afternoon, the company had decided to layoff all the workers from Canada. He’s coming home. Obviously, a job is a very good thing right now, but him being home and safe with his family is also really important. He should be home by late next week – and straight into isolation for 14 days so we still won’t see him. But he’ll be close.

In the past 11 days, I have had help. I have had three amazing women drop off groceries for me. My friend also dropped off some cookies for me, and we had a chat with a fence between us. I am lucky to have my people.

Happy Social Isolating. I’ll be back tomorrow.

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