Two weeks of Social Distancing

It’s late o’clock so this may be short. I have both day 13 and day 14 to talk about. I was too tired to write yesterday. Today, has been emotional, and I don’t want to write, but I know I need to. It’s been a rough couple of days and solo parenting my three year old while social distancing with PMS has been bad. It’s been frustrating. I’ve yelled more than I should, and I’ve had no patience. I’m tired.

I’m also sad. Today we went for a drive, and I normally really enjoy local radio, but I had to turn on a CD today. Two of the breaks in a row were about the recent deaths in Saskatchewan. Two people have died from Coronavirus in Saskatchewan. It’s not unexpected, but that doesn’t make it any less heartbreaking. The news has been full of sad news, and without going into it, all I need to say is, I need a break from it. I need to shut off my phone, and learn how to enjoy more time with my son. I do enjoy him a lot, but the days have been long, and I have not had any breaks. That being said, we still laugh a lot, and as long as we have laughter, things are okay. There has also been good news – like the news about the 8 people who have recovered in Saskatchewan.

My partner is driving home from the States as I write this, and by tomorrow he will be in a hotel room isolating for 14 days. After those 14 days are over, we will be in this social distancing game together, and I can’t wait. Our little family can use this time together.

Day 13

We survived most of the day without the TV again. We turned it on to watch Iron Man 2 at the same time as my parents (in one house) and my sister (in another house.) Anthony spends the whole time trying to figure out who is the bad guy and asking where Tony Stark is. He is seriously more scared of the Siamese Cats in Lady and the Tramp than he is of anything in the Marvel movies.

Day 14 – two weeks

This morning, Anthony watched his show in my bed. We spent a lazy morning in the house, and I don’t care. We’ve been social distancing for 14 days, and we needed that break. Our morning was spent doing nothing. And that’s okay.
Today’s message.

Here’s to two weeks. Two more weeks until I am done solo parenting. I don’t know how many more weeks until this is over, but I do know that we are doing the right thing. We are staying safe, and hopefully as many people as possible will survive this. My gratitude of the week is that we are surviving. So many people are fighting through this and finding the good.

I’ll leave you with another FB quiz. I interviewed Anthony today, and it was pretty funny.

Anthony’s Interview


Ask your child these questions and write their EXACT response *****

1. What’s your name? “ANTHONY” (but he still pronounces it Antny)

2. How old are you? “4 in May”

3. How old is Mom? “You are old as five minutes.”

4. What’s your favourite colour? “It’s white and pink.”

5. What’s your favourite food? “Pancakes and bacon and yogurt. And toast with cheese in it.”

6. Who’s your best friend? “Daddy. I miss daddy.” (I’m insulted and sad. Haha.)

7. What’s your favourite song? “I wish I could drive a firetruck.” “It’s Blippi.”

8. What would you like to watch on TV? “Doc McStuffins”

9. What’s your favourite animal? “Puppies and kitty cats.”

10. What makes you happy? “Toys make me happy.” (Again. I was hoping for mommy. But that’s fine)

11. Where’s your favourite place to go? “I like to go to Jodi’s house and play with her toys.Why are you asking so many questions?”

12. What do you want to be when you grow up? “I want to be an airplane when I grow up.”

13. What does mom do all day? “You write letters to Santa.”

14. What are you scared of? “I’m scared of monsters.”

15 Where does money come from? “Money comes from my show.” (And then he laughed.)


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