The Distancing Life: Days 24-25

Before I go into the day, I want to share some photos taken for our Front Porch Photos by Lovestruck Portraits. I love them so much. We did them with a donation to Empty Arms in Saskatoon, and I donated more to the Food Bank for more of a selection of photos. I believe photographers are doing this many places. It’s an amazing opportunity to remember the good moments during this scary time. We tried to do some photos with Anthony posing nice, but the truth is, my kid had no interest in sitting still. I can see from the photos when we decided to have fun with it. He ran away, and I had to run and get him. Instead of feeling frustrated, I laughed, and flew him back to the house.

Thursday: Day 24

I wore a fancy hat and spent a lot of time in front of my computer. Anthony and I played as well, but I really tried to get him to play independently so I could write.
Yesterday, after all the cleaning and organizing from the day before, Anthony asked me to get my stuff out of his play room. Before this, I was using his play room as an office as well. It was perfect timing because I had been thinking about moving my desk to the living room. It’s my new favourite place to be. I also love that he’s embracing his independence. Also – this desk came from my mom’s house. Before that my Grandmother used it, and before that it was at my Great Grandpa’s house. Mom isn’t sure if it’s older than that. I think it’s pretty amazing that I’m trying to write novels on a desk that’s been in my family for so long, and was used by family I have never met.

Friday (Good Friday): Day 25

I woke up feeling exhausted. We are three weeks in, and this isn’t going to end for a long time. We miss people. We miss going places. We miss our lives. It’s hard. Luckily, it was nice outside so we went out to deliver my partner some food, and played in the snow and puddles at the hotel. (My partner watched from his window when he could see us.)

That’s it for me. I’d like to say my mood improved today, but it was an off day. I just feel tired and down. Tomorrow will be better. I think these moods are to be expected during this crazy change in our life.

Happy Easter everybody.

Happy Social Distancing.

©ErinLeahMcCrea All photos I share on my blogs are my own, please Ask Me For Permission Before Using Them

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