Day Something or Other

This post will cover days 31 to 36 (April 16-21st). I only know any of this information because keeping track of days is the only thing I use my day planner for anymore. It’s been a week since I last posted, and I am good with that. I haven’t been posting because I’ve been spending time with my novel every night, and it’s been making me incredibly happy. Writing makes me incredibly happy, and I’m glad I’m making it a priority.

Although I had been writing while I was solo parenting, and making sure to do a little bit every night, it was exhausting. I love finding time to write now that my partner is home, and not feeling like I’m forcing myself to write every night. Things feel good right now. I’m able to take more time to breathe with him home. I’m able to take time for myself.

Today, while I was watching my son, all I could think about was how amazed I am at his resilience. I love watching him make up games, and make up friends because he can’t be friends with other kids. It makes me sad that he has to do this, and he can’t play with his friends. He adapts really well to our new way of life, but I hate that he has to. Today, he made friends with a pretend spider. Yesterday, he made friends with an ant. He’s amazing, and by the time we come out of this he may have ten invisible friends. He can sit and play with his diggers and vehicles, and make them all talk to one another. I love it. I love him, and I’m so glad I get to spend this time with him.

Day 31 – April 16

Day 32 – April 17

We’d had a pretty good couple of days, but we had not left the house. It was starting to get to me. I looked outside at about 5, and saw the rain. It was the first rain of the season. Anthony and I went outside for some much needed puddle jumping, and I enjoyed the wonderful smell of rain.

Day 33 – April 18

We’re having a lot of struggles getting my son to listen.

Day 34 – April 19

Day 35 – April 20

I tried new things in the kitchen. They were both fails. I made Hollandaise sauce that did not quite work out. It will next time. I also tried making home-made fruit roll-ups. They were definitely a fail. I’ll keep trying new things though. I also drove to a friend’s house to surprise her. She put a lawn chair in the driveway, and I sat in my car and talked to her through the window. We needed it. We have also been doing weekly Avenger movies with my family (from afar). We watched Avengers, and Anthony continued his love with Iron Man.

Anthony with his new friend, Andy the Ant. (He stepped on him shortly after.)
I won this shirt from a local store called Busy Ferns. I got to pick the shirt, and this one seemed pretty appropriate.

Day 36 – April 21

And here we are, at the end of the post. Today, was the best day we’ve had weather wise, and because of this, it was the best day we’ve had in a long time. Anthony and I were outside from about 10:30 until 6. It was amazing. (My partner was in and out, but spent most of the day on hold while trying to contact somebody.)

Happy Social Distancing.

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