Goals for tomorrow. Goals for today.

Here I am! Almost didn’t make it to my weekly writing!

As always, in the New Year, I plan to write my goals for 2021. These will be both my life goals and my writing goals. (Although I don’t think I did it on here last year. Maybe in my journal.)

Personal Goals:

This year, I will plan more. I will organize more. I’ve had four years where I was able to follow my whims. In 2021, I want to plan my life better. I want to know what I’m doing in the week to come. I like having some organization in my chaotic life. It’s time.

This year, I plan to laugh. I want to laugh more. I want to find the humour even when I don’t want to. I want to laugh with my son, and with my friends, and with my family.

I want to listen more. I want to be kinder. I want to take the time to learn.

I want to teach my son to listen more. I want to teach my son to be kinder. I want to teach him to take the time to learn.

I want to admit when I’ve done something wrong, and never blame others. The world does that enough.

I want to dream big. (I want my son to dream big.)

I don’t want to be afraid to fail. And I want to be okay if I do fail.

I want to explore the world – be that world in my own city or as far away as I can explore.

I want my son to see his mom as a working mom. I want him to know I’m a writer. I want him to know I’m not just his mom but a person.

I want to figure out my anxiety. I want to learn how to breathe through it.

I want to teach my son about calmness, and about the importance of slowing down.

I want to learn more about domestic abuse, and bring more awareness to people about domestic abuse. I think people need to talk about it. This should never be a taboo subject.

I want to stand up for what I believe in, and teach my son to do the same thing.

I want to make wood photos for people. If I can make it into a business, that would be amazing.

I want to put my phone down more, be off social media more, and take in the world. I want to look around and be grateful for what I have, and be present in my life. I don’t want my son to grow up watching me on my phone.

I don’t want to ever believe in needing to have a New Me with a New Year, BUT I won’t be afraid of change. I am enough. Always.

(even if the change is shorter hair.)

Writing Goals:

I want to edit my novel one more time and mail it away to publishers.

I want to blog on my personal blog (this one) once a week.

I want to catch up on my book posts. (It’s almost impossible!)

I want to make Family Fun Saskatoon even better. I want to write about places that will make people happy. I want to share all the wonderful things we can see and do in Saskatoon.

I want to journal.

I want to write letters.

The present:

I want to sleep. It’s late. I’ll be back in a week.

20 Goals for the 2020s
My son worked on his goals too. I wrote them for him. He signed it.

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