About Me

My name is Erin. I am currently a Stay at home writing mom.


A quick (ish) bio:

I grew up in a small town. I was shy and somewhat awkward in my small town school. (I’m still awkward). I graduated in 1998, and jumped into life outside my small town.

I travelled to three provinces in Canada with a program called Katimavik. It was an amazing experience, and at 17, it was life changing.  I met some amazing friends, and we are working on a 20 year reunion. I lived in Newfoundland, Ontario, and Quebec.

I worked for a year in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. I lived with my Grandma, and it was lovely. She is no longer here, but will always be my favourite person.

I went to university in Regina, Saskatchewan two years later, and graduated with a BA in English.

Not knowing what to do with a BA in English, I decided to teach English in South Korea. Another life changing experience. This one really helped me learn how to adapt, try new things, and jump right out of my shell. It was also right after a five-year relationship ended which changed my entire outlook on my travels.

After returning home, and moving to Saskatoon, I worked for a few months before I decided to go to a local broadcasting college. I received a broadcasting diploma.

I worked in radio for almost ten years. I lived in Melfort, Saskatchewan as a Creative Writer. I transferred to Whitecourt, Alberta to work in Sales. It turned out sales wasn’t for me, and after a short break (although I did some on air interning while figuring out my next move), I moved back to Saskatoon to work as a Creative Writer again. A Creative Writer writes the ads that you hear on the radio. I loved it for a long time.

While in Whitecourt, and extending a couple years later in Saskatoon, I learned about heartache, loss, and slowly learned how to deal it all.

I met a man. We bought a house together. We got a dog. We decided to have a baby.

After having our son, I decided not to go back to work. I decided to be a full-time mom, and try to write as much as I can. I’m not getting paid to write, but maybe some day I will be.

My partner works away a lot. I’ve taken on the role of Solo Mom for months at a time. It’s not always months, but I’m learning a lot about what’s important to keep the house sane.

There are a lot more things that can be added to the bio, but it’ll all come out in my blogs and writing eventually.

Random Erin Facts:

I have an unpublished novel. It’s finished. It’s almost ready to be published, and I love it. I think it needs to be published. I’m just working on the next steps.

I love my life, and try to fill my world with gratitude. It works most of the time.

If I find out somebody doesn’t like bananas, I feel like we should be best friends. However, since banana haters are out numbered in this world, I basically like everyone.

I grew up in a tiny town in Saskatchewan. Not even a town. A village with less than 200 people. I never quite fit in my small town.

Birds scare the crap out of me.

I’m lucky enough to have a passion. It’s writing. I have more about this on the Writing Life page.

Being a Mom wasn’t a plan in my 20s. I’m glad I decided to make it my plan. I love it. More on that on the Mom Life page.

I’m so glad to have been able to travel before my son. I hope to have many more travel adventures with him as well. I just need to win the lottery.

Coffee and wine are my favourite things.

That’s all I can think of. If you have any questions, please ask. (Leave a comment on my posts.)


From top to bottom.

My grandfather and I. I was in a play in high school. I loved acting. This was Alice in Wonderland.

Katimavik photo. Two other Katimavikers and I in Newfoundland.

Paragliding in Korea. Amazing feeling.

A tattoo I received in Thailand. To this day my favourite one.

A random photo I like of myself taken when I lived in Whitecourt. (I was about 29)

My beautiful son and I.

My beautiful dog.

A handsome two-year old.



I hope you enjoy my words.